New Born Baby | Birthday | Wedding | Anniversary | 3d Casting gift - by Oeuvrre


Because of her, we have his tiny hands & feet as they were when he was a little and now we will always have them.
- Kenny Singh
Thanks Deepika for delivering everlasting Happiness on Vedan's First Birthday. It is such a great way of keeping memories afresh.
- Rubal Muniyal Sethi
Deepika is an extraordinary person and a phenomenal artist.Finally my wait is over and now I can treasure dis forever.
- Tanya Chawla
I wanted to have the casting done for my daughter since she was 10months old but finally it could happen only when she turned
- Kavita Arya
Thank u so much Deepika for making my daughter foot came out beautiful. Amazing artwork appreciated by everyone.
- Kimmi Pasricha
Fabulous work done by Deepika for my 6 months old daughter's hand& feet impressions. She went that extra mile to create a master
- Nidhi Sharma
Deepika is an amazing artist. She brings life to these impressions so naturally..puts her heart in making it from start to finish...working on
- Vishakha Rao
Thank you so much Deepika for the lovely frame. These are surely the priceless memories which can now stay forever with us in the
- Richa Sahani Mahajan
I really loved the work done by Deepika and her team. I would like to appreciate her effort and patience for making me satisfy for
- Kanika Bansal
We love the hand and feet casting of our baby girl. Deepika you did an amazing job. I had a lovely experience with you. I will always
- MadhulikaJha
Thank you so much Deepika for giving us a everlasting memory. We will cherish it forever. Youare truly amazing in your work…Fulfilled
- Jyotivyassharma
Deepika I can't thank you enough for the incredible casting of my little boy's hands and feet. It's finally up on our wall and looks
- HarshitaMathur
Hi Deepika.. A great work done for my daughter's 2nd birthday keepsake. More than the art piece, your personal involvement from
- Sonal Mittal
Amazing work..really impressed! Loved the casting ! Good job..impressions came out so lovely. Great to meet a new friend..
- AditiKalra
I am in love with the impressions of my 1 year old son. Loved the creativity and the dedication towards making every impression
- Divya Jain
Deepika has given us a memory for a life time. Beautiful concept, stunning details and artwork and biggest of all a memoir like no
- Nikhil Agarwal
Fabulous work done by Deepika. She is one of the finest one in the field of art/impressions. Thanking her is too less to show my
- Ankita Sharma
Hi Deepika - you are Extremely professional and at the same time very friendly person. I loved your work. My son's 6 months
- Rashmit Kakkar
I loved your work deepika. Frame casting is as good as you are. I always wanted to keep my little girl's childhood memories forever
- Shailja Dixit
Simply loved it. Memories that will last with us. A treasure to keep forever. Appreciated and loved by everyone. Made with love andhard
- Shweta Arora
Deepika you are an amazingly good artist.Thanks for making my son hand prints those are really good.Thank u so much once again
- Poonam Malhotra Arora
We loved the work done by you. Thanks for the precious thing done. Its a treasure.
- AshimaVerma
Amazing work done by Deepika. I loved the details on my baby's hands & feet impressions. I will cherish them forever.
- Vanita Bhatia Handa