Below questions are prepared for your help.

Q. What IS 3D Casting?

A. 3D replica of any body part you need to capture. We mostly do it for infant and babies’ hands and feet, Pets, adult’s hands, Bride, couples, Grandparents and corporate executives.

It’s a way to replicate your loved ones hands and feet in an exact life sized replica so that you can treasure them as personalized gifts or keepsake or memories to be cherished over the years.

Q. How Old should be the baby? Can you do it for a new born?

A. Casts can be taken of all ages. From a new born to a teen we do it for all. Our “Family” and “Sibling” castings are a huge part of what we do and are a great idea for people who didn’t get their first children cast. So any age is a good age.

Besides there is no best time for the hand prints/foot prints. Because your baby will only grow a day older every day

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. No, as all castings are custom made to suit your layout and size of hands and feet, we can cast anyone of any age.

Q. What is the procedure?

A. We mix our compound into yoghurt like mix texture, then hold the hand or foot into the mixture until it sets, usually in under a minute. Once the mould has set, we remove the hand or foot cleanly. No mix is left on the skin surface. We then create an exact 3D cast.

Q. Is it Safe for the Baby?

A. The impression powder is made from brown sea weed so it is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is 100% safe and medically certified and has been used for life-casting for decades

Q. How long does the process take?

A. The entire session takes approximately 30-45 mins in total. This will vary depending on the co-operation and age of your child. Newborn babies generally take less time than older babies.

Q. What are the casts made of?

A. We pour a high quality sculpting stone into the molds which we have taken of your babies hands and feet. We do not use plaster as this does not last for a long time.

Q. Are these castings like a mural or an imprint?

A. No, these are 3 dimensional models of hand and feet.

Q. Do you provide home visit service?

A. Yes. Our 3D casting Artist Deepika does it herself to get the best results.

Q. Is it customized?

A. Absolutely. Color of the impressions, the artwork and color or type of the framing everything is chosen by customer.

Q. How do I go about getting a casting done?

A. We are just one call away to fix up the appointment, and convert your favorite moment into an everlasting memory.

Q.What is the procedure for payment?

A. 50% of the payment needs to be made at the time of the casting session. The rest of the payment needs to be made at the time of delivery of the final frame.

Q. How long does it takes before I can collect my final product?

A. Usually 2-3 weeks. In special cases it can be given early as well, but it strictly needs to be mentioned at the time of casting session.

Q. What types of frames do you use?

A. We use high quality solid hardwood box frames which are great viewed from any angle. They are fully glazed for a professional finish which also protects your casts and keeps them dust free.

Q. What about if I have my own idea of a custom cast?

A. We welcome any individual ideas you may have and will discuss all your options.

Q. What are the charges?

A. Charges depend on the number of impressions and concept you would like to opt for. Get in touch with your requirements and we shall figure it out.

Q. How is it different than DIY kits available online?

A. The casting process requires lots of practice, something which can be expensive if you are buying kits. As a 3D Casting Artist, we have experience which helps to ensure that I get a good result. We have read many reviews of home kits which say they are a waste of money.

Q. What if I want to gift 3D cast to my loved ones?

A. You can buy a Gift voucher and gift

Q. I am not based in Delhi but still want to get it done?

A. Yes we can still do it for you. Please get in touch with our support team through phone or email us. We would love to help you.